March 13, 2016

Checking in

* apologies for the iphone quality lol

Girls' weekend was needed and appreciated. Spent the weekend in a cabin in Gatlinburg with my favorite ladies. 

3.10 - Bryson Tiller @ The Cannery Ballroom

3.11 - The Grind w/ 90s cover band MY SO-CALLED BAND @ The Basement East

January 17, 2016

Spontaneous things

Seriously never even considered piercing my nose again. I originally had my nose pierced when I was 15. I took it out once I turned 18.. no reason other than me no longer wanting it... but last night. my aunt was like "HEY! Let's go get our noses pierced!".. WHAT?! I didn't think she was serious so I was like okay cool. She was slightly intoxicated so I told her I would drive. It didn't really hit me until I was back in the room and I smelled the alcohol when he wiped it across my nose to clean it! WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING! We already paid so I couldn't not get it! Lord hammercy! lol! Lucky for me I have a high tolerance for needles and pain.. or so I think I do lol.

It's the next night and I'm still in shock that I got it re done! It feels just a little weird having something shiny on my face again. I've been sneezing all day too so that's kinda annoying. My nose is still tender and I know it's horrible for me to do but I'm one of those people that holds their nose when they sneeze :/

Here's a less than cool picture I took last night on Snapchat after it was done :)

January 11, 2016

Baby Javier

Happy Monday babes! This weekend was amazing!

Saturday morning around 2:15am I received a text message from my sister telling me that Javier might be coming tonight..Off to the hospital we go! I ended up leaving the hospital after 2 hours because the nurse said she hadn't made any changes and things would progress slowly. We got a call from my sister that they were going to be breaking her water soon O_O Time to head back to the hospital! We went by my sister's house to get my nephew and pick up her sister-in-laws. She called us on the way an said she was already at a 9! AHHH!! We just knew that by the time we got to the hospital he would already be here! We got to the hospital with more than enough time to spare! 

When it was time to deliver Javi there was a room of about 10 people. The nurse said only 3, maybe 4, could be allowed in during delivery! So myself + my mom, Jaime(baby's dad), and Sandra(Jaime's mom) were in the delivery room. Lol Jaime is sensitive to blood so he stayed up by my sister's head. I got to hold my sister's leg to help when she had to push. This may not seem like a big deal to some people but it was to me. Witnessing the delivery of my second nephew is something I will never forget. It was absolutely incredible and beautiful to watch. Some people are grossed out because for one birth can be messy and two because my eyes were staring at my sister's vagina. Can I note to people that have never watched a live birth that you're not concerned with a vagina or how it looks, but more so with what is happening and actually coming out of the vagina!

Life is beautiful! It is precious! I can't even better describe what it was like. I am so incredibly proud of my sister and the young woman and mother she has become. Julian is two and she has done a great job at raising him with Jaime. I know she'll be just as great with Javi joining them. They both have more than enough family that will give them both unconditional love. I actually got the spend my weekend with Julian since mommy and daddy were at the hospital with baby! He's very excited and already protective of his baby brother. He'll try to fight you before letting you hold baby! lol.